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The Themed Sets

Just need something quick to get the creative juices flowing? These should do the trick.

Set 1

001.Birth 002.Life 003.Old Age
004.Death 005.Rebirth

Set 2

001.Hours 002.Days 003.Weeks
004.Months 005.Years

Set 3

001.Friends 002.Enemies 003.Lovers
004.Family 005.Strangers

Set 4

001.Water 002.Earht 003.Air
004.Fire 005.Spirit

Set 5

001.Red 002.Orange 003.Yellow
004.Green 005.Blue 006.Purple
007.Brown 008.Black 009.White

Set 6

001.Touch 002.Tasted 003.Sight
004.Sound 005.Smell 006.Sixth Sense

Set 7

001.Breakfast 002.Lunch 003.Dinner
004.Food 005.Drink

Set 8

001.Hot 002.Rain 003.Thunder
004.Lightning 005.Snow 006.Cold

Set 9

001.Home 002.School 003.Work
004.Life 005.Choices

Set 10

001.Beginnings 002.Middles 003.Ends
004.Insides 005.Outsides

For the code for these tables, please go here and select the appropriate set.

Check the status of claims at the Themed Sets Current Claims post.

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike the 100, 50, and 25 word tables, the themed sets do have an deadline. If you make a claim for any of the themed sets, you are given six (6) months in which to complete it. If you have not completed your set by the deadline given to you when your claim was accepted, your claim to it will be passed to the next person in line for it. They are short sets, designed and intended to give authors something within the community to do while waiting for their table/CPE of choice, and therefore NO EXTENTIONS WILL BE GIVEN.
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