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Here's where we'll answer all the commonly asked questions. If you have a question that's not answered, please comment and we'll get you squared away.

[EDIT] 12/30/07- I'd completely forgotten to explain about the Substitutions on the 100, 50, and 25 word tables. That section's been added both here and on the community info page.

For instructions on how to make a claim, and the posting guidelines, please see the community user info, or this post.

What's my deadline?
This is all very low pressure- there is no deadline on the 100, 50, or 25 word tables. You're free to write and post at your leisure. We do, however, keep track of how often everyone posts; if you've been inavtive for three (3) months, your claim will be offered up to whomever is next in line for it. If there is no one waiting for that particular claim, or you have contacted a mod with reasons for your extended absense, your claim will not be removed.

PLEASE NOTE that unlike the 100, 50, and 25 word tables, the themed sets do have a deadline. If you make a claim for any of the themed sets, you are given six (6) months in which to complete it. If you have not completed your set by the deadline given to you when your claim was accepted, your claim to it will be passed to the next person in line for it. They are short sets, designed and intended to give authors something within the community to do while waiting for their table/CPE of choice, and therefore NO EXTENTIONS WILL BE GIVEN.

Is there a word limit?
Your fics may be as long as you'd like, however stories must be a minimum of 100 words. If you are writting drabbles, the maximum word count is 150.

May I cross posts the stories I write for this?
Of course! It's your work after all.

Can I use stories I've already written?
No, the idea is to write [insert # of prompts in your table] NEW fics. You can start writing once you've made your claim, or been put on the wait list, but you cannot post until you've been accepted/put on the active claims list.

How else is it possible to lose my claim?
If for some reason your account is deleted, and you have not contacted a mod with reasons for the deletion and if you'll be completing your claim under another name, your claim will immediately be given to the next in line. Flaming, spamming, etc can also result in the loss of your claim. In most cases a warning will be given, but you will only be given one (1). There are no second or third strikes before you're out.

Can I have more than one (1) claim at a time?
If you think you can handle it, sure.

Can I write a crossover fic or pairing?
Crossovers are fine, so long as the fic takes place in the Bleach universe. A quick venture into the crossover's world is alright, but this is a Bleach community, so all stories should be Bleach-centric. In your crossover you're welcome to write a pairing between Bleach characters and those from the crossover, but they cannot be claimed as such.

May I claim an OC?
While OCs are fine in a story, no, they cannot be claimed. Only characters, pairings, groups (CPE) from the Bleach anime/manga can be claimed.

Do all my fics have to center around my claimed character/pairing?
The character claim must have an obviously notable role in each story. They don't have to make an actual appearance, but they should be mentioned in more than just passing. If you've claimed a pairing, obviously not every fic has to have them appear together, but one fo the two must be a main focus for a piece, with the other noticable. Again, they don't actually have to be 'in the flesh' to be the focus.

Can I claim something other than a specific character or pairing?
Groups of people can be claimed, but try to be as specific as possible when making your claim. If you put in for a group of people like "the people of Sereitei", it's likely that your claim will not be accepted because the grouping is far to broad, whereas if you claimed "Gotei 13 captains", that's a much more specific group to work with. If you've got an idea in mind but are unsure of whether or not it would be accepted, comment in the Claim post for the table you want with your question and we'll see what we can work out.

If I claim a character, can I write pairings with that character?
Certainly, but all your fics cannot be written about your claimed character paired with one specific character all the time. If you want to write a specific pairing, claim that specific pairing.

What ratings are allowed?
All ratings are acceptable here at bleachfic_100, provided that fics are clearly marked. We prefer the MPAA ratings system (G - NC-17), but yu're welcome to use whichever system you'd like.

May I do this with a friend?
No. While we encourage you to bounce ideas off your friends/fellow writers, the goal is to write all the stories yourself.

Is there an order I need to post my fics in?
Not at all. Write and post your stories in whatever order you'd like.

Can I write a chapter per prompt instead of a standalone fic?

Can I use more than one (1) prompt per fic?
No. The idea is to write one (1) fic, or one (1) chapter, for each prompt. You're welcome to write a fic in multiple (seperate) parts, each using a specific prompt.

How central does the prompt need to be in my fic?
The prompts are meant to be a starting point, an idea, or a theme for each fic. You may use whichever definition of the word that strikes your fancy, or use it in a more outright manner- use your own judgement.

What are the last few boxes (labeled "Sub") on the 100, 50, and 25 word tables?
We've found that while we like a table, and would very much like to write it, there are often a few words that just seem impossible to work with. If that happens, you are allowed 4 or 5 substitutions, whichever is on your table. Simply choose a different word for the prompt you're stuck on, write it in the Substitutions box, and in the corresponding spot on the table, erase the old prompt and put in "Sub" and the number you've used. Please make note in the prompt #/name section of the header for your fic that it is a substitution. Despite the fact that most words on the tables have multiple meanings, no duplicate words, please. (added 12/30/07)

Are AUs allowed?

How does the multiple claim per table/waitlist work?
It really doesn't work any differently than having only one claim per table. The first two people to put in for a specific claim on a specific table will get their claims, and the first two to come after them will be given the choice to either change their CPE/table, or be put on the wait list. As a curtousy, members will be notified by a mod when a second claim is made after theirs, and also when claims are completed or dropped.

What's the easiest way to browse bleachfic_100?
All authors are given a tag to use when they post. You can go to the claims posts for any of the tables to see a list of authors, as well as pick up the tag for specific pairings or characters. Prompt tables will also be linked to from there.

You haven't answered my question!
Comment to this post, or send an email with FAQ as the sugject to mod.bleachfic100@gmail.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible with an answer.

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