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Claim Instructions and Posting Guidelines


1- Read the Posting Rules (below) and FAQs.

2- Read through the different tables. Decide which you'd most enjoy writing and choose a character/pairing/etc (CPE).

3- Go to the appropriate Claims post (100, 50, 25, or Themed Shorts) and make sure your table and/or CPE hasn't already been claimed. If it hasn't, post your claim following the instructions on the Claim post. IF it has, adjust your claim to something that's open by either changing the table or the CPE. You can also ask to be wait-listed.

4- We check and answer claim posts two (2) or (3) times a day, sometimes more, so it's very likely you'll hear back from us the same day you put in for your claim. If accepted you'll be provided with a tag. YOU MUST USE THIS TAG FOR EVERY POST MADE TO THE COMMUNITY. If you'd like to post your table in your own journal, feel free to grab the code for your table, linked right under it. Reply to your acceptance post with a link to your table and we'll add it to the master claims list.

5- Start writing and post your fics you finish them.

6- When you finish your table or set, comment to this post, and we'll make you a banner. After this your claim is open and ready to be claimed by someone else.

If you need to drop your claim, please comment here with your user name, and claim.


All posts made to bleachfic_100 must be written about your claim. Please contact a mod for permission to post something else.

Please, please, PLEASE (we cannot stress this enough) use your assigned tag when you post.

Use either an LJ cut or a link for all fanfic. To find out how to use a LJ cut, consult the LJ FAQs. FOr links, use the following HTML.

Text of Link

Please use the following format when posting:

Subject line: Username- TITLE (rating, CPE)
Prompt Set
Word Count

Warnings (if any and at your discretion.)
Notes (if the fic is a part of a set/series, this would be the place to note which part it is and where the others can be found, or which was first.

Any questions regarding posting, making claims, or your tags can be posted here or in the Claim post for whichever table you're claiming.
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